Real Estate Services:


We intend to acquire real estate and assets facilities which we can develop or retro-fit for lease for expansion of Agricultural Opportunities along with Development of Resorts and Spa facilities that have educational facilities for different industries. Accordingly, there is a significant demand for such facilities which is not currently being met by the commercial real estate industry. In addition, the supply of key agricultural real estate is rapidly increasing in value in key markets such as California and Oregon. We will be able to enter this market as a developer and lessor, as well as have the capabilities for construction management and facilities management.

Consulting and Management Services:


Through our vast experience we offer to both established industry participants as well as start-up operators a wide variety of management and operational services, including licensing, compliance, growth structure, facility build-out and expansion, security, international transportation and logistics, and legal services. Our team works directly with farmers, offering guidance and agronomic tips throughout the growing and harvesting process. Our vertically integrated supply chain benefits everything our clients do; it adds further controls to their product quality, safety and their availability of a consistent supply.